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yowamushi pedal transparents from the official page


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Secret Origins #3 Cover Art
Illustration by Lee Bermejo

Can’t wait to start riding my bike to work. 🍕🚴  #pizza #fixedgear #fixie #velodrome #trackstand #pizzabike #pizzawheels #aerospoke #beachcruiser #bicycle

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This is the first edit from Most Hated Cyclists. A company a few friends and I started back in 2012 and we are actually starting to make huge moves, ones we thought we would just be talking about. Please give it a watch and spread it around.

This edit comes from San Diego featuring one of the founding riders Tony Nos. Filmed by founding rider Black Dalton.

We would like to thank everyone involved with the company, who’s made it possible for us to come this far already. And most of all those who are in the streets day in and day out kicking ass. Keep it real, keep it fast!


Caída épica en juegos Odesur2014
Esto sucedió en el velódromo de peñalolen, lugar donde se disputa el ciclismo en los juegos Odesur2014. Por negligencia de la organización del evento se produjo este lamentable accidente. La afectada fue la ciclista Irene Aravena / Chile.
Fuerza Irene!

Kachidoki bridge (by pistbiker)
Tienda especializada Fixed Gear Bikes y accesorios Fixie